Welcome! Please use the links to your the left to access the proper course description, supply list, and list of daily homework assignments. Since the vast majority of our assignments in Algebra 2 are located in Google Classroom, you must sign up as soon as possible. Also, please note the announcements below for your planning purposes. 

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me at mark.vanhorne@sufsdny.org.


Algebra 2:
  • REVIEW due Thurs 10/18
  • QUIZ on Tues 10/23

Algebra 2 with LAB:
  • REVIEW due Thurs 10/18
  • QUIZ on Tues 10/23

Algebra 2 HONORS:
  • QUIZ on Thurs 10/18
  • REVIEW due Mon 10/22
  • TEST on Thurs 10/25

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  • Homework is assigned, collected, and checked on a daily basis. Assignments receive a grade of 2, 1, or 0. These scores are combined to generate a "Homework Average" which will count as 30% of a student's overall grade.
  • The remaining 70% will come from averaging everything else that receives a grade. This may include quizzes, tests, graded review sheets, projects, and a midterm exam.