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Welcome to Kindergarten!
Please feel free to explore the fun and interesting learning that the children are experiencing this year!
English Language Arts 
  • Fundations letter/keyword/sound- all letters a-z

  • Book knowledge- Will introduce  discussing author, illustrator, front cover, title page, characters and setting, story events ( beginning, middle and end)

  • Retelling stories - will use character names (not pronouns such as he, she,it), main idea, sequence of events in story

  • Non-fiction vs fiction/ reality vs fantasy

  • Comprehension Strategies- Will introduce Making Connections, Visualization, questioning

  • Sight words - Classmates' names, I, am, the, little, to, a, see, like, is, have, see, is, like, we, she, he,my,with, and, for, yes, said, you, me, no,  look, of, they, do, from,here, are, that

  • Additional words to read and write: color words, number words one-five

  • Writing- Handwriting uppercase/lowercase letters - will use Fundations handwriting program. Will use lined paper which include sky-line, plane -line, grass-line and worm-line.

  • Journal writing- differentiated instruction according to individual abilities

  • Informational writing, "how to", opinion writing and narrative writing, friendly letter

  • Name writing- first letter uppercase, and the remaining letters, lowercase. Will write first name on Fundation lines (see above).


  • Sorting- same and different attributes
  • Counting- will practice one-to -one correspondence (sets 1-10)
  • Rote counting by ones 
  • Patterning -will work on patterning throughout the year
  • Graphing - class collaborative graphs and independent graphs -will compare and contrast graph results using Math vocabulary: data, more than, most, less than, least and equal
  • Calendar Math - days of the week, months of the year, weather graph, tallying, place value
  • Shapes-Plane shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, rhombus and hexagon. Will include Math vocabulary : sides, vertices and curve
  • Math vocabulary-five frames,  counters, data, equal, before, fewer than and less than, greater than and more than
  • Numeral recognition 1-30- in and out of sequence
  • Numeral writing 1-10- in and out of sequence
  • Number words- zero-five
  • Will introduce addition and subtraction through playing games
  • Word problems- will discuss and practice strategies to solve
  • Measurement- 
  • Positional words- above, below, under, next to, beside, beneath, between

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