Welcome to SPS Integrated Preschool

Our programs follow the language based program model. This means that your child will be exposed to stories, games and music activities daily that enhance language skills, listening skills, cognitive development, turn-taking and cooperative learning.

Arrival and Dismissal times of the day will be at the front door of Peter Noyes Elementary School. Children will wait for teachers to welcome them into the building.  The morning session begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:30. The afternoon session begins at 12:30 and ends at 3:00.

Please stock a change of clothes that goes with the seasons.  We always want to be prepared in case of a "messy day" with an art project or an accident. 

Please send in labeled diapers, pull ups and wipes for your child. We will send home a note when there is a need to replenish the supply.  

Choice times of the day are thematic activities that are embedded in each of the learning centers. They provide opportunities to enhance social, emotional, cognitive and physical development encompassing English Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, Science / Technology / Engineering, Health Education and the Arts.

We are blessed to have a highly skilled group of professionals that support our programs daily.

The "Meg Shelley" is our Physical Therapist, you will hear your children say her name often as she is quite treasured by all. She leads a Motor Room Time for each class to further develop their gross motor, turn taking and listening skills. 

Ms. Heidi is our Occupational Therapist, who is an expert in fine motor development.  She can be found in any one of our stations encouraging students to build their hand strength and fine motor skills like writing their name, drawing a person or cutting. 

Ms. Hilde is our Speech and Language Therapist, who is masterful at enriching the understanding and expression of language.  She too can be found at any center in our room discussing and practicing activities and games that help children to better understand the vocabulary of our curriculum.  She is also a facilitator of social language experiences for our preschoolers. For more information, please click on her page on the side bar. 

Snack Time is a group model that schedules families to share this responsibility by shopping for the class once or twice a year.  This time of the day fosters self-help skills, promotes manners, encourages language by requesting and sharing information and trying new or different foods. For students with food allergies, we suggest that they bring in their snack daily in a labeled lunch box. All special cooking projects will be screened by those families for safety sake. 

Just in case there is a change in your child's pick up routine and you will not be picking them up, please be sure to send in a note, email or call Ms. Williams to insure that we are aware of the change.  We require a photo id for any adult that is different to the dismissal routine. We thank you for your cooperation with this in advance. 

We thank you so very much for sharing your little angels with us and we look forward to a fun filled year of exploring, play and learning.