Summer Math

Get ready to discover math all around you this summer! 
Just as students benefit from reading throughout the summer, they also benefit from engaging in math activities to avoid the dreaded summer slide. Research shows that students better maintain and strengthen their math skills through regular and meaningful practice. 
Listed below, you will find creative mathematics activities to try at home. The goal is for your child to have fun thinking and working collaboratively to communicate mathematical ideas. While working on these activities, ask your child how he found a solution or why she chose a particular strategy.  Most importantly enjoy the mathematics and discover the math all around you! 

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Ideas for incoming Kindergarten students

Ideas for incoming Grade 1 students

Ideas for incoming Grade 2 students

Ideas for incoming Grade 3 students

Ideas for incoming Grade 4 students

Ideas for incoming Grade 5 students                                                                       

Curtis Middle School

*Note: These are optional activities to complete over the summer.  No work will be collected in the Fall.

Incoming Grade 6 students

Incoming Grade 7 students

Incoming Grade 8 students

Math & Literature

Math is everywhere, even in books.  Discover a great math book. There are many many great books that have math in them, below are just a few from each grade level to get you started.

Preschool Math Literature

Kindergarten Math Literature

Grade 1 Math Literature

Grade 2 Math Literature

Grade 3 Math Literature

Grade 4 Math Literature

Grade 5 Math Literature

Grade 6 Math Literature

Greg Tang Books