4th Grade Strings Course Description

Program Overview
Students have the opportunity to begin a stringed instrument in fourth grade.  Students can learn how music forms an integral part of every day life as they focus on the year's theme, "Bringing Music to Life in Beginning Strings."  Not only will students learn how to play instruments, but they will also learn how the music relates to history, culture, and other types of art.  

Class Guidelines and Information
Click here to read a more detailed introduction for those new to the program.  This newsletter contains vital information about class schedules, materials needed for class, homework assignments, and enrollment expect
ations for the year.  In addition, it provides information regarding rental instruments, instrument sizes, and instrument deliveries and repairs.  Please email your child's Strings teacher if you have any further questions.

What Parents Have Been Saying: 
“Congratulations on a successful 4th grade Stringfest... They were so professional, on key, well behaved, organized, and they sounded amazing!” - from parent L. L.

“I am often present when [my child] is practicing and am (for the most part) aware of what pieces she is learning. Although I was aware that she was playing more than just Mary Had a Little Lamb, I was so very pleasantly surprised to listen to the line of pieces tonight and the complex arrangements, particular the fiddler piece. I was expecting to hear something quite different, like 20 or so students playing off key. I had no idea you had all those kids and that they were playing in a respectable tune.”  - from parent S. T.

“The birthday music was timely. [My child] got the idea to play it for her great aunt's 87th birthday lunch. It was a wonderful surprise, and she played beautifully.” - from parent W. S.

“Thanks to you, [my child] has thoroughly enjoyed his introduction to strings. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the concert last week. He was so pleased with himself!" - from parent M. T.