Welcome to 8 Kelp Science!   

What to bring to class every day:

1.5" 3-ring binder with 4-10 tab dividers
metric ruler
lined paper                
pencils, eraser                  
blue/black pen
calculator (you may want to have a separate 4 function (cheap) one for science, but you can also use your math calculator)

What will we be studying?

                   How do objects move?
                   How can we describe the motion of an 
                   What is energy, and how does it affect 

                   What is matter?
                   What happens when substances interact?
                   How does energy affect matter?

                   How is chemistry involved in our 

Experimental techniques:
                   How do we design a good experiment?
                   What is a hypothesis?
                   What is the difference between a 
                        hypothesis, a theory, and a natural law?
                   What is the difference between an 
                        observation and an inference?
                   How can we use data to answer questions?

Here is where to go to get into GoogleDocs: