Publishing with Book Creator

Book Creator is a powerful app ($4.99) that lets you create and publish your own books.  These books can include text, images, web links, video and audio.  Teachers and students can create their own storybooks, projects, textbooks, just about anything ... using you own material. Your completed books can be published to iBooks, Evernote, DropBox... the possibilities are endless. The connections to all curriculum areas  make this a powerful curriculum and digital writing tool for any age.

1. Getting Started

Book Creator: Getting Started

2. Inserting Audio

Inserting Audio

3. Managing Pages

Inserting Pages

4. Layering Text

Layering Text

5. Inserting a Table

Inserting a Table

6. Publishing & Sharing your eBook

Publishing & Sharing

7. Opening a Shared eBook

Opening a Shared eBook