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2013-2014 Needs Assessment

The Southern Utah Center for Computer, Engineering and Science Students (SUCCESS Academy) is located in Cedar City and Saint George Utah. SUCCESS Academy was chartered in 2005 as a cooperative partnership between the Iron and Washington County School Districts, Southern Utah University, Dixie State University, and the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. In cooperation with the School Land Trust committee, Board of Trustees, students, teachers, parents, and our chartering organizations, the following data was reviewed to identify and focus upon the school's most critical needs for the 2013-2014 school year.

ACT Results

The ACT test provides a general overview of the academic achievement of our students. For the graduating class 79 students participated. The scores dropped when compared to last years results but in comparison to the five year average English, math, and science are higher. However, this years reading score is less than the five year average.

ACT Report for Senior ClassFive Yr AvgClass of 2008Class of 2009Class of 2010Class of 2011Class of 2012Class of 2013
ACT English25.5523.924.827.5252626.1
ACT Math24.882224.826.124.826.225.4
ACT Reading25.8224.62627.624.826.225.7
ACT Science24.8823.224.825.724.925.625.1
ACT Composite25.4223.625.326.924.926.125.7
Total Tested57.67195867675679

College Readiness dropped in math, reading, and science and increased in English. However, each of the ACT readiness scores are higher than the five year average. In addition, more students participated in the test. One of the goals from last year was to increase the number of student who took the test. Last year 72% of the students took the ACT test. This year we had 86% participate. This will over 95% as each Junior will be required to take the ACT in future years.

Percent Meeting ACT College Readiness Benchmarks (Eng18, Math 22, Reading 21, Sci 24)Five Yr AvgClass of 2008Class of 2009Class of 2010Class of 2011Class of 2012Class of 2013
ACT English93%84%91%99%93%96%99%
ACT Math75%47%79%87%76%88%87%
ACT Reading83%74%84%91%79%86%77%
ACT Science61%42%59%64%67%75%68%
Meeting All Four55%42%53%58%58%63%61%
Total Tested53.40195867675679

Utah End of Level Assessments

SUCCESS Academy continues to post high proficiency in English. Math also posted gains as well as science. However, some of this increase is due to changes in the course curriculum on the SUU campus. Students in the 9th and 10th grades on the SUU campus did not take a science end of level test. However, this upcoming year students will take the Earth Science as well as the other subject tests.

SUCCESS Academy continues to post higher average scores than the State of Utah. Significantly, the gap in mathematics lessened this year and reverses a two year trend of downward scores. However, given the extensive changes to the Utah Core testing program there were some anomalies in the testing sequence. For example, on the DSU site all students took the Algebra I test and on the SUU campus the Algebra II test was given. This created a unique situation that muddies any analysis. With the new test program these differences will be minimized and increased confidence in any conclusions will be warranted. The following illustrates the SUCCESS Academy averages compared to the State of Utah averages in Language Arts, Math and Science.

Demographic Gap Analysis Report

Further review of demographic subgroups (gender, Disability, Economic Status, Language Proficiency) illustrates that each sub group is outperforming the State of Utah averages. Interestingly, in language arts and science it appears that low socio-economic students outperform their peers.

Utah End of Level Language Arts Assessment

Utah End of Level Math Assessment

Algebra II had a significant decrease from 60.8% of students proficient to 43.5% proficient. This continues the downward trend in Algebra II assessment results. There were some extenuating circumstances this year. For example only the SUU SUCCESS students took the Algebra II test. In prior years the math scores from the SUU SUCCESS have been the highest. In addition, the classroom time was reduced for Algebra II. For this year increased time has been allotted as well as increased resources for the Algebra II teachers. One bright spot was that all of the students who took the Algebra I test were deemed proficient.  But due to changes in the assessment sequence all of the students in Dixie who traditionally participated in the Algebra II test took the Algebra I exam because they shifted to the secondary Math II curriculum. So while there was progress made in closing the gap between the Utah average and SUCCESS Academy, and there appears to be an upward trend in the math scores, there still is significant work to ensure that this trend continues. Continued focus on mathematics will be necessary as we move toward implementation of the new curriculum and SAGE test assessments.

Utah End of Level Science Assessment

This year due to changes in the curriculum only the students on the Dixie campus participated in the end of level testing. The test scores continue to be among the highest in the State of Utah in Chemistry and Physics.

Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS)

This year SUCCESS Academy received 438/600 point in the UCAS system of accountability. Unfortunately, this measure does not include student performance in the upper grade levels. Th majority of points stem from high school courses at the 9th and 10th grade level. Consequently, this is an incomplete picture that is not representative of the school. Regardless, the major focus this year will be on growth. In particular the growth points in mathematics. Given the changes in math only 19 tests were counted. We are looking forward to increased numbers of students counting in this system. 

A. Growth Points  

SUCCESS Academy posted a growth score of 154/300 points. This measure is comprised from the following content scores:

Because of the changes to the math curriculum there were only 19 math tests that counted toward growth. This small number of tests skews the results significantly. Consequently, it is difficult to draw any solid conclusions regarding the growth rates in mathematics for SUCCESS Academy students. Interestingly, in Language Arts all students are deemed proficient. Yet, of the 239 students who took the test they only generated 131/300 growth points. 

B. Proficiency Points

The proficiency score 134/150 (89.3%) is the sum of each subject point score. The point score is determined by the number of student deemed proficient equated to a subject total of 50 points per subject. For example, there were 77% of SUCCESS Academy students proficient in math consequently, 38/50=77%. All subject scores are averaged together. The total points are then summed for the final score.

C. College & Career Readiness Points

SUCCESS Academy has a high rate of high school graduation. This past year we had 100% of our students graduate with a high school diploma. SUCCESS Academy received 150/150 points for College & Career Readiness.

School Grade

This year SUCCESS Academy received a "B" grade. However, there were only seven high schools in the State of Utah who received "A" grades. Further, when comparing the SUCCESS Academy overall score to the rest of the State of Utah the school scores ranks among the top 12 high schools. If achievement were the only focus SUCCESS Academy would rank in the top five. However, since growth is a part of the model further emphasis will be place on increasing student's growth scores.

Collegiate Performance

This year SUCCESS Academy had 93% (86/92) of students graduate with their Associate of Science degree and their high school diploma. This represents our largest class to date. This significant accomplishment was also celebrated in Governor Herbert's Statewide faculty meeting.  This is a significant achievement and represents a tremendous accomplishment for the staff, students, and families of SUCCESS Academy.

We are currently waiting for the concurrent enrollment report with the total numbers for 2012-2013. However, is the grade distribution data for the collegiate classes.

    The following link provides a reference and summary of all schools performance in concurrent enrollment for the State of Utah.  Utah Concurrent Enrollment Annual Report

Student Enrollment Trends

The SUCCESS Academy student enrollment remains consistent. At present there are 60 students on the wait list in Saint George and approximately 10 students on the wait list in Cedar. In partnership with WCSD and ICSD the total number of SUCCESS Academy students remains fixed. However, due to several scheduling changes it is expected that the number of students leaving SUCCESS Academy at SUU will decrease this year. This expected decrease in students who leave the program will have a small but favorable impact on the total number of students attending SUCCESS Academy at SUU. The enrollment trend is detailed in Graph C.

October 1 Enrollment Count

Five Yr Avg2005-20062006-20072007-20082008-20092009-20102010-20112011-2012 2012-20132013-2014

Perceptions of Parents and Students 

This past year students and parents participated in the Advanc-Ed survey for accreditation. This survey will be used for the 2013-2014 accreditation.  Interestingly, all of the scores were above a 3.4 on a 5.0 likert scale. The overall student score was a 4.28 and on the parent survey it was a 3.99. In both of the student and parent surveys indicator 3.8 was the lowest score. Given this finding it seems that SUCCESS Academy must improve in communication regarding student progress in course work. 

Parent results indicate a overall positive experience at SUCCESS Academy. The lowest indicators are 3.8 (The school engages families in meaningful ways in their children’s education and keeps them informed of their children’s learning progress) and Indicator 3.10 (Grading and reporting are based on clearly defined criteria that represent the attainment of content knowledge and skills and are consistent across grade levels and courses).

Students are equally satisfied with their SUCCESS Academy experience. The lowest indicator is 3.8 (The school engages families in meaningful ways in their children’s education and keeps them informed of their children’s learning progress).