Slideshows and Videos

This page is devoted to movies and images from our GCP trip to Mozambique. 

This movie tells the story of our journey March 10-18 in Mozambique. Click on this YouTube link created by Lenzie Weicht and Lauren Walker..

Click on the next link to visit the first school we toured, the Tsalala School, just outside the capital city of Maputo. Built by the United Methodist Church with its seven teachers paid by the government, the school serves 470 primary students in 3 classrooms and several outdoor teaching areas. Children attend one of three five hour shifts, beginning at 6:15 am and ending at 5:15 pm each school day. Only one classroom has desks. The school is in need of just about everything- a library with books, a well for water, and maps and globes, chalkboards are just some of the items that come to mind. The children singing at the beginning of this slideshow are singing us to the school. They are singing the "bird" song.

The background music for this presentation comes from the African Children's Album called Window on the World- and the specific song is entitled O Sifuni Mungu.

The second school we visited was the Tinga School that is also supported by the United Methodist Church and the government. This school has a bit more resources, but still could use more classroom space and teaching resources. The vocational center teaches girls to make items by sewing and crocheting. 

Music played during this presentation comes from Dillon Djindji's acoustic guitar album entitled XIGUINDLANA- the CD was purchased in Maputo. 

The third school we visited was in Cambine. It is a secondary school for grades 8-12. There is also a vocational center that teaches agriculture and carpentry. On the same property you will also see a health center, church, a seminary, and an orphanage. Our guide, Amado, is a graduate of the secondary school and now he is a teacher educator at a university in Maputo. He completed his graduate studies in education at Shenandoah University.

Music played during this presentation comes from Dillon Djindji's acoustic guitar album entitled XIGUINDLANA, the seminary students and orphans at Cambine.