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Jolene Lewis

Feb, 29th 2012- 9 Days and counting! Just started really packing and putting everything together, making my last minute preparations list, and hopefully not forgetting anything along the way. Seems like yesterday that we found out we were going, and now its less than two weeks away!

March 12
Oh today was one of the most rewarding days of my life. The highlight was the Tsalala school. The kids were just so eager, so happy to see people. They were scrambling to get into the pictures that we were taking. We had a great conversation with the "head mistress". She hadnt been paid for over a year for her work. So she had to pick up three other jobs to get her bill paid. It was simply fantastic. 

The roadside activities were really interesting. They were making concrete blocks, farming, picking through the trash... Just life. It makes little sense to me how all the chaos of this country seems to work to the advantage of everyone here. Everyone fills their role, and has their purpose. The market sellers, the taxi drivers, the construction workers... Just everything that doesnt make sense to Americans makes sense to the people here. Great phenomenon.