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Devin Bowers

I just finished my last test for the week and I can finally direct all my attention towards thinking about the trip! Over the past several months there has been a growing mound of items in my closet, so after my classes today I am going to go home and pack. I am still astonished that I will actually be leaving tomorrow morning for Mozambique, Africa. Time has flown by since we were informed of our destinations. I still remember the day I arrived home and told my mom and twin sister where I would be going. Ironically, my twin had stated previously that the last place she would want to me to visit was Africa. I am thrilled to have been given the honor to represent SU. I will be graduating in the spring, so this was my last chance to be a GCP participant and thankfully I was accepted on the first try. My mom commented this week about how I am going to have the opportunity to witness things that will be extremely different from our way of life. I think that the most exciting aspect of the trip is how the events I witness will change me. I can not wait to discover the person I will be when I return!

March 11
We have observed that the time orientation is vastly different.  Mark noted that the clock in the common area does not even function. Wrist watches are rare as well. This evening we attended a service at the United Methodist church, but there was no mention of the actual starting time. We arrived after the singing had already begun, but I did not feel uncomfortable or get the impression that we were considered late. Overall, time is very relaxed and flexible in Mozambique according to our current experiences.