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Cansu Kalaycioglu

March 8, 2012- Today I finally finished packing for Mozambique, and I feel that I am really excited! I can't believe our trip is one day ahead:) When I came to US from Turkey two years ago, I was surprised by different things. Now I am visiting a country that I have always read and heard about with a enthusiastic group. I am sure I will be amazed by the culture, people and the whole experience. CAN'T WAIT!!

March 16

Today was our last day in Chicoque and we left the guest house to go Maxixe in the morning. I can't believe how time is passing so quickly. Although it was hard to get to sleep a couple of nights, I felt really excited to go Imhambabe by ferry and Cambine where Amadu is from. The most exciting part of the day was the trip to Imhambe and visit to the seminary. When we were in the ferry for Imhambabe, I had a change to talk with Amadu about his experience in US and the importance of the connections we make in our life journey. The ferry reminds me of the one I used to take in Istanbul. 

Imhambabe looked more touristic and a vacation place for me. I found really nice gifts at the market, and I was surprised by the marketer's English. They were speaking really well. Cambine was very peaceful and the view from the guest house's vindow was amazing. When we went to the seminary,  I was touched by the music that the students were singing. It was really powerful to see how they were into the songs when they were singing and how they connected to each other.