Shenandoah University advocates preparing students to be global citizens who are committed to making responsible contributions within a community, a nation and a world.  In honor of the memory of Dr. Nancy Larrick Crosby, recognized internationally, among other things, for  her expertise in children's literature and as an author, the Global Citizenship Project was uniquely created here at SU in 2004 with the first spring break departure taking place in 2005. 

This Google Site is dedicated to the Mozambique group. Look to the left for listings of the sites' content:

The Reflections page contains highlights from group members' journal entries- expressing what we saw and experienced in Mozambique.

The Research Mozambique page helped us prepare for the trip by learning about the country, its people, culture, education, health care system and much more!

The Slideshows and Videos page was created by us upon our return - capturing the essence of what we experienced!





 Who are the group members?

Leader: John D. Copenhaver, faculty member- Philosophy and Religion

Travel coordinator and honorary member of the group: Jay Hanke, a member of the SU Board of Trustees

Faculty Member: Diane D. Painter, faculty member-School of Education and Human Development

Staff Member: Linda Burrow, coordinator for OT/PT admissions.

Student Members:

Cansu Kalaycioglu 
Donnie McKinney 
Lauren Walker
Devin Bowers 
Aubrey Lawrence 
Jolene Lewis 
Mark Sipe 
Lenzie Weicht