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Think Green...Less Paper!

Shenandoah University Goes "Green" With New Student Printing Program

In 2011, Shenandoah introduced a new student printing programs intended to save paper and resources, and to provide convenient access to printing at multiple locations on campus.  In the first year, printing with WEPA reduced total print volume by more than 2.4 million pages campus-wide, about a 55% reduction.  In 2012, the university will provide a $0.02 subsidy for second pages printed with two-sided (duplex) printing.

 Shenandoah contracted with the firm WEPA (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) to supply the university with print kiosks for student printing. The program allows students to print from anywhere with connectivity -- on campus, at home or a coffee shop -- and pick up the documents at any kiosk. WEPA has wide experience with higher education customers, including the University of Maryland, Charleston Southern University, Bridgewater College and others.

 Sixteen kiosks are located throughout the campus community including: the Smith Library, the Health Professions Building, the Brandt Student Center, some residence halls, 333 West Cork Street and the Northern Virginia Campus.

 In addition to the printing kiosks, the university has also installed three scanners that allow users to digitally save and store documents at no cost. The scanners are located in the Smith Library and the HPB Library.