Shenandoah University Core Quest
A Purposeful Journey
Exploring Education Options
On the Quest of Your Life

An Uncharted Map:
Where Will Your Core Quest Lead?

If you are undeclared, then this site is for you. 

It is designed to help you navigate your Shenandoah Core Quest. What is a quest? It's a purposeful journey, and that's just what your university education is. As you explore a path through Shenandoah's General Education offerings, you're on the quest of your life.

Like every great quest, your SU Core Quest features wise guides, opportunities for help, and chance encounters with other SU students on their own Core Quests along the way. Attend monthly Core Quest mixers and programs during the academic year to meet wise guides, gather tools that will help you succeed at SU, and meet other Core Questers. Let's share our quest stories! Each one is different, but each teaches us all valuable lessons.

If you have questions about your SU Core Quest, just ask your guide, Core Quest Staff in the Career Services Office. Email us at or see us in our office, Cooley 314.

Wondering Which Courses to Take?

Upcoming Registration Deadlines

For Spring 2014 Classes

April 21: Last day to withdraw from a semester class 

For Summer 2014 and Fall 2014

March 24-April 17: Online registration for Summer terms

March 27-June 30: Online registration for Fall term

Summer Add/Drop: 
Courses of up to 2 weeks: Drop prior to day 1 of class
Courses of 3-4 weeks: Drop prior to day 1 + 1 business day
Courses of 5-6 weeks: Drop prior to day 1 + 2 business days
Courses of 7-8 weeks: Drop prior to day 1 + 3 business days
Courses of 9+ Weeks: Drop prior to day 1 + 4 business days

Summer Withdrawal: 
Courses of up to 2 weeks: Withdraw prior to 60% of course completion (tuition prorated if withdrawal is prior to 60%)

July 1-August 22: Paper registration for Fall term (Business Office approval required; no late fee)

August 25-September 2: Fall Add/Drop. Late registration--on paper--for Fall term (Business Office approval required; $50 late fee)

September 3-November 25: Fall Withdrawal

What Year am I?
Graduate Students have a bachelor's or higher degree 
Seniors have 84.0 or more completed credits
Juniors have 54+ completed credits
Sophomores have 24+ completed credits
Current Freshmen have fewer than 24 completed credits
All in One Place!
All 7 General Education Domain Course Lists
with Course Descriptions
Catalog Year 2013-2014 

At last! No more scrolling between the Domain course lists in the front of the Undergraduate Catalog and the course descriptions in the back! Click the domain name links below to open course lists for each. Each list contains descriptions for all courses within that domain. [Note: current catalog-year courses appear first; previous catalog-year courses follow.]

Beyond Gen Eds: What Else Can I Take? See New Courses Available Here (New courses in English, creative writing, outdoor leadership, and women's studies!)

Fall 2014 Core Quest Programs
October 28, 2:00 pm: No fooling! Registration
November 18, 2:00 pm: 

All programs in Henkel 109 and open to all students

Last updated: October 9, 2014