Computer Use and Information Technology Policy - 6/23/17

Mission Statement & Purpose

This policy supports Shenandoah University’s mission statement, promotes responsible use of technology, further enhances academic learning through technology and establishes rules and guidelines for the proper use of University technology. 

In order to keep up with changes in technology and/or state and federal laws, the University reserves the right to interpret, revise, or delete any of the provisions of these policies, with or without notice, as the University deems appropriate, in its discretion.

All members of the Shenandoah University community who use the University’s computing and network resources must use them in an efficient, ethical and lawful manner.  The University provides computers, software, and network equipment for use by the University, and members of the University community must use them for purposes which are consistent with the business and mission of the University.

Just as certain privileges are given to each member of the campus community, each member is held accountable for his/her actions as a condition of continued membership in the Shenandoah community.