Registrar Forms

Address/Name:  To make a change to your address or name please print this form, complete it in its entirety, and sign the bottom.  Mail, or fax the completed form to Hornet Central. 

Account Rename Form:  To request your SUNet user ID ( Bb/Webadvisor/Email. etc...) be changed please compete this form. NOTE: you must first have completed the Address/Name change form above and have it approved be either Hornet Central (students) or HR (Faculty/Staff) 

Challenge a Course: This form is for students who want to take a challenge examination, which would allow the student to earn credit for a course by passing a comprehensive examination on the content of the course. Challenge examinations are not available for all courses. If a comparable CLEP exam or other approved standardized test is available, Challenge Examinations are not an option. Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog in the Academic Policies section on Challenge Examinations for requirements and approvals needed. 

Curriculum Change FormFor use by the student to change/add a major, or to add a minor.  Please make sure all required signatures are obtained before submitting this form to the Registrar's Office.

Degree Audit Adjustments Form: Advisor or School/Division Designee uses this form to submit adjustments on a student's degree audit to the Registrar's Office. The change to be made and the rationale for the change must be fully filled out. Adjustments must be approved by the student's advisor, department chair and dean/director.

Diploma Replacement Order Form: To order a replacement diploma please complete this form entirely, print, sign and then mail or fax the form along with payment to the Registrar's Office.                     

Enrollment Certification Request Form (ECR): This form is for all VA Entitlement Use only. Students using any form of the GI Bill must complete and return this form to the Registrar's Office after registering for classes to be certified with the VA.

Enrollment Verification Request Form:  Students requesting to have their enrollment at Shenandoah University verified need to complete this form and return it to the Registrar's Office.


FERPA Form (Consent to release information)  


Grade Change Form: (This is a restricted form - Only Faculty and Admin Staff have access) The Grade Change form is required when making changes to previously assigned grades. If and "I" incomplete is given and then needs to be changed to a letter grade, only the instructor's signature is required. When requesting a change from one letter grade to another, the dean's/director's signature is also required. In no case may a grade be changed after one calendar year without permissions of the VPAA.

Incomplete Grade Contract:   For use by the student and professor when a grade of incomplete is being assigned to a student as a semester grade.  This form needs to be completed and signed by the professor and the student. A copy of this form is kept with the dean and the original submitted to the Registrar's Office.  All course work must be submitted by the end of Add/Drop of the following semester, failure to do so may result in a grade of "F".

Permission to Study ElsewhereThis form is to be completed by students who would like to take a course at another institution or would like to complete a CLEP test. Form will not be accepted without all required information.

Re-Apply to Graduate ONLY: Students that wish to graduate from Shenandoah University and are no longer a matriculated student must complete this Application for Re-Admission (to graduate ONLY). Form will not be accepted without all required signatures. 

Social Security Number Change Form: To update, change or add your social security number please complete this form and bring a copy of your Social Security Card to Hornet Central to update your student record.  

Transcript Request Form   

Transfer Credit Evaluation Form - This form is used for student transfer credit evaluations. * Please note that the office of Admissions uses a different form for undergraduate students. 

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