Registrar Email Address

The Registrar’s Office has specialized email addresses. Please use the following email addresses instead of emailing staff directly. – for any questions, updates, additions, cancellations, etc. that pertain to the term schedules. Reminder to faculty and staff: When updating/adding/ cancelling a section all changes MUST come from the department contact. Please notify your department contact with the information and they will then let the Registrar’s Office know of the change. – for follow up or submission of scanned transcript requests – for Registrar aspects of graduation such as graduation applications, clearance forms, and late application approvals – for degree audit adjustments - this includes adjustments to degree audit syntax and requirements as well as adjustments to individual student audits. – for follow up on classroom requests or issues – all requests for classroom space should be made using EMS request form located under the reservations tab in BlackBoard (must be logged in). – for questions or issues not pertaining to any of the other email addresses