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Free and cheap tools

Format Conversion


  • Audacity (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • GarageBand (comes with every new Mac).  Click here for a tutorial on using GarageBand to create an audio podcast episode.  You can find more help on Garageband here.


  • iMovie (comes with every new Mac) - You can find help getting started with iMovie here, or more in-depth help here.  Need to share an iMovie project on iTunes U? Click here for instructions.
  • If you have a Windows computer, you probably have Windows Movie Maker.  You can get help with Windows Movie Maker here.  After you've exported your finished movie file, it will probably be in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format.  You'll need to convert your WMV files to a format supported by iTunes U if you want to upload it to iTunes U; click here for instructions on how to do so.

Screencasting (recording video of what you are doing on your computer screen)

  • Screencast-O-Matic (web-based) - record a video of your screen with sound, no installation required (internet connection required)
  • QuickTime X (comes with Mac OS X Snow Leopard) - If you have a Mac with Snow Leopard, click here for instructions.
  • Camtasia [NOT FREE but very powerful] (Mac/Windows)
  • Jing (Mac/Windows) - a simple application for screencasting and taking still screenshots from the same company that makes Camtasia.  The free version of Jing creates flash videos which are not compatible with iTunes U or iMovie, but the pay version can create MP4 files which are compatible with iTunes U.  Both the free and pay versions can post videos to with one click, at no cost. Jing is super-easy if all you want to do is quickly share videos of your computer screen on the web.  Video length is limited to five minutes, so Jing is best for quick explanations, not long lectures.  Jing was used the create most of the tutorial videos on the Media Services Online Help page.