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Canon HD Camcorders

Getting Started with the Canon HF10 HD Camcorder

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NOTE: When your camera is returned to Media Services, a staffperson WILL DELETE EVERYTHING from the camcorder's memory unless you fill out an "Audio or Video Copying Request" form located on the front counter of the Media Center Service Desk.

You can view the manual (in PDF format) for the HF10 using this link:

Quick-Start Video Tutorial

This three-and-a-half-minute intro tutorial will having you recording video in no time!  Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Instructions to Record Video

  1. Plug in the camcorder to a power outlet using the provided power cable; the cable plugs into the back of the camera at the lower left underneath where it says "DC IN."
  2. Open the viewscreen on the left side of the camera.
  3. Press the "ON/OFF" button on the top of the camera.
  4. Turn the dial on the right side of the camera to .
  5. If the camera screen displays "SP" or "LP" on the left middle of the screen, go to step 6.  If not, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.*  "SP" indicates that the camera is set for the standard recording mode, which will allow for about 4 hours and 45 minutes of recording time (actual recording time will vary somewhat depending on the content of scenes).  "LP" mode allows for over 6 hours of recording time.
  6. If the "EASY" button on the left side of the camcorder (located underneth the viewscreen when viewscreen is closed) is not glowing blue, press the "EASY" button.  Confirm that the "EASY" button is glowing blue.  This automates almost all settings (auto-focus, auto-white-balance, etc.).
  7. Press the red "START/STOP" button on the back of the camera to begin recording.
  8. You can confirm that recording has begun by making sure the green  in the top right corner of the viewscreen has changed to a red , and by making sure that the counter underneath the red  begins to count up in seconds.
  9. To stop recording, press the red "START/STOP" button again.
  10. Wait until the "ACCESS" light on the top of the camera is no longer lit before turning off the camera or turning the dial on the right side of the camera to another mode.
  11. Media Services recommends that, before your actual presentation or event recording, you first make a test recording of a few seconds and confirm that your recording was successful by following the directions below for playing a recorded video.

To play video that has been recorded

  1. Make sure the camera is ON and the viewscreen is open.
  2. Turn the dial on the right side of the camera to .
  3. Use the joystick to select the video clip you have you recorded.
  4. Press the "START/STOP" button at the bottom of the viewscreen to start playing the video clip.
  5. Use the fast-foward and rewind buttons next to the "START/STOP" button as you would with any traditional VCR or DVD remote control.

*If the camera is not set to SP or LP mode.

  1. Make sure the dial on the right side of the camera is set to .
  2. Slowly press the "DISP./BATT. INFO" button on the left side of the camera to cycle through display modes.  If on any of the display modes, "SP" or "LP" is displayed above the "FUNC." button on the left of the viewscreen, return to Step 6 of "Easy Instructions to Record Video" above.  If not, proceed to Step 3 below.
  3. Press the "FUNC." button below the viewscreen; use the joystick to the left of the viewscreen to select the fourth option down.  Use the joystick (moving sideways) to select "SP" ("STANDARD PLAY") or "LP" ("Long Play") and press "FUNC."


  1. Continue recording video from Step 6 of "Easy Instructions to Record Video" above.

NOTE: If you would like to record your footage at higher quality for viewing on a high-definition television, you may of course choose to use a different recording mode.  For most purposes, Media Services recommends using SP or LP mode, both of which provide long recording times while still capturing a high quality picture.  With the internal 16gb of memory, the HF10 can record for over 4 hours in SP mode, and for over 6 hours in LP mode.