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 ItemRateAdditional Info
Large Flat Panel LCD or Plasma Display (at least 42" diagonal) on Cart with VGA and Audio Cables$45/dayFor small-to-medium-sized groups, this option is simpler and usually provides a brighter, clearer picture than using a projector.  You can get sound amplification and a big-screen picture from your laptop, a DVD player, etc. without the need for setting up a separate projection screen and sound system and without need to worry so much about turning down the lights or closing the blinds.
Multimedia Projector with VGA Cable$50/day Does not provide sound amplification for showing movies, etc. (see Portable Powered Speaker below)
Portable Projection Screen$20/dayVarious sizes 
Presentation Remote with Built-In Laser Pointer$10/dayFor advancing presentation slides wirelessly (in PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.); our presentation remotes work through people/desks/chairs, do not need to be aimed at the receiver to work, and also have mouse functionality for pointing and clicking.
Portable Powered Speaker (small sound system) with built-in mixer$20/dayRoland Cube Monitor (model CM-30) for sound amplification in small-to-medium-sized rooms and small outdoor events; can easily be connected to laptops, iPods or other mp3 players, DVD players, microphones, etc; two of these can be linked together for slightly larger audiences and/or to achieve stereo sound
Small Audio Mixer$20/day Comes with cables for connecting to a sound system
Surge Protector Power Strip$5/day, or, no charge with rental of another piece of non-battery-powered equipment on this list 
Wired Handheld Microphone with Cable$15/day
Wireless Handheld Microphone System $30/dayComes with cable for connecting receiver to sound system 
Wireless Body Microphone System
$30/dayMay include head-worn microphone or lavalier (lapel) microphone; comes with cable for connecting receiver to sound system 
Microphone Stand$5/day 
IP Video Teleconferencing Portable Cart System$50/hour (max $200/day)Polycom HDX 6000 with 46" NEC professional LCD display; normally requires a staffperson
Audio CD Player$25/day 
High-Definition Digital Video Camera (Kodak pocket models)$20/dayAvailability varies
High-Definition Digital Video Camera (Canon HF10 model)$30/dayAvailability varies
Handheld Digital Audio Recorder (Zoom H2)$25/day 
Student Worker$40/hourSubject to availability; setup and teardown time included
Full-Time Staffperson$50/hourSubject to availability; setup and teardown time included
Video and Audio Recording Transferring and Duplication Services$15 minimum; email media@su.edu for price quoteWe can convert CD to mp3/WAV, VHS tapes to DVD or computer video video, vinyl record to CD or mp3/WAV, and more.  We can also duplicate CDs and DVDs in small or large quantities.

  • Laptops and computer equipment: Media Services does not have laptops in our inventory for lending, nor do we have most types of computer and network equipment available (USB hubs, printers, mouse/keyboard sets, etc.)
  • Tables, chairs, podiums, lecterns, whiteboards: Media Services does not have furniture for event setup
  • Larger sound systems and live mixing for music and theater: Media Services staff may or may not be trained in live audio mixing for music and theatrical performances.  If you are seeking sound system rental and/or live audio engineering for a performance, please contact media@su.edu well ahead of time so that we can put you in touch with local professionals or qualified students in Shenandoah Conservatory's Music Production and Recording Technology major.
  • Lighting: Media Services does not provide lighting rental and/or setup services.
  • Audio and video recording services: Media Services does not provide videorecording or audiorecording services directly to outside groups; however, we can provide you with contact information for students who may provide these services.  These students will work as independent contractors and are free to set their own rates.  We will lend video cameras and handheld audio recording devices according to the table of fees above, but we will not provide staffpersons to operate these devices for outside groups.

Additional Policies:
You must contact Media Services by emailing media@su.edu at least two weeks ahead of time for a price quote.  The price list above is for informational purposes only, is subject to change without notice, and may differ from the actual price quote depending on the specifics of your needs, which we will evaluate when creating a price quote.  As our department is primarily tasked with supporting teaching and learning, Media Services may refuse a request in order to prioritize the academic needs of the university.  Media Services may require borrowers to pay staff hourly fees in addition to any equipment rental fees if we deem it necessary to have a staff presence for the good of the equipment and/or the success of the event.  The above list applies to outside (non-SU) groups using SU facilities.  Media Services reserves the right apply the same pricing to SU student/faculty/staff requesters who are holding non-SU-department-sponsored (i.e. "personal") events at SU (wedding ceremonies, for example).  This fee list does not apply to SU department-sponsored events and classes.