Teacher Website

Putting Information in it's place
  • What information should go under Announcements, Welcome, Headlines and Site Shortcuts
  • When and How to create a new Section
    • Two click Rule
  • Spell Check!
  • Selecting the proper page type
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Pictures

Creating a Photo Gallery
  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Subtitle
  • Add Music
  • Publish Photo Gallery
  • Link Photo Gallery to a page
Creating a Forms and Surveys
  • Adding Questions
  • Working with Options
    • Who should see it
    • Message to display when done
    • Email results
    • Setting dates survey is available
    • Setting up a quota of how many people can take the survey
  • Making the Survey Active
  • Link your Survey to a page

Creating an Online Discussion area for teachers
  • Create a page on your website that only teachers can see to have discussions or post information.
  • The advantage this has over Moodle is that the teachers use the same log in they use to edit their webpage.
  • You can approve their comments before they are posted or just let all comments be posted.
Creating a Podcast
  • Record your voice or post a concert or any other audio file on your website.
Embed a Google Calendar to your website.
  • Maintain it in your Calendar app from your email
  • All changes are automatically made on your public web page
  • Students and parents can add it to their calendars 
Embed a Google Form into your website.
  • Responses automatically go into your Documents app in your email
  • Great way to collect email addresses and other information from your students and parents.
Receive  E-ALERTS on your cell phone!

Mobile alerts will deliver a text message to your mobile device each time school is closed or delayed and any other time important information changes on our main website. To subscribe to this service, Sign in on our website if you have an account to our web site or Register in the upper right corner on the black divider bar and then click on Access My Info.

Additional charges may be applicable depending on your service agreement with your wireless provider.