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This site is dedicated to helping Sturgis High School
students and teachers
fully utilize their iPads for education.

2014-1015 Information

Read and sign (parent and student) the iPad Handbook.

Please make sure your Locations Services is turned on in the Privacy menu of Settings so that in the event that your iPad is lost or stolen we can locate it. If this service is not turned on and your iPad is lost, you may be responsible for the full cost of the iPad replacement.

If you have an issue with your iPad, please complete the Report A Problem form from this website. 

Email Options
Your student email account is essential to communicating
with your teachers and other students.
Many students have reported a problem accessing old emails
from the Email app on their iPad
Settings can be changed to allow more than 3 Days to sync
 but below are other options
that may work better for you. 

Mandatory set up

Sign in to iCloud
From Settings, tap iCloud and sign in with your AppleID
Make sure Find my iPad is turned on.

Also make sure that you have verified your Apple ID account by clicking on the link in an email sent to the email address you used for your Apple ID