Tips for Parents
The CAS coordinator is Jeffrey Hyer and can best be reached via e-mail at

Please provide your e-mail address so that you can be given access to your student's CAS portfolio and other I.B. related work, such as Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. As a parent you can see the broad scope of progress your student is making but you can't access individual assignments or day to day journals.
Please complete this form to have access to the CAS portfolio. Instructions will be e-mailed to you on logging in for the first time following Open House on 9/30/2010. 

Parental encouragement and support is often a vital part of helping students complete the I.B. diploma and meeting their C.A.S. requirements.

Formal feedback for CAS activities will be given via progress reports and grade cards. However, by signing up for e-mail notifications, you can be notified of important deadlines for C.A.S.



  • Familiarize yourself with CAS requirements, especially the philosophy, 8 learning outcomes, and educational objectives of C.A.S., by browsing this website.
  • Discuss the requirements of CAS and its opportunities with your child
  • Emphasize that CAS is about developing skills in self-awareness of strengths and limitations and improving one’s methods for positive personal changes.
  • Explore your child’s interests and discuss the possible volunteer activities together
  • Share your own volunteer experiences with your child and reflect on what you have given and gained through volunteering
  • Need help with volunteer opportunities to explore with your child? Check the SERVICE portion of the CAS website and go to the service agencies section
  • Encourage your child to build on previous successful volunteer experiences
  • Be willing to be involved - attend games, plays, and music performances, volunteer for various IB projects, yearbook, SPA; support activities by providing transportation
  • Periodically check Calendar section on the ManageBac program to see various due dates of CAS portfolio components.

How to avoid apathy and frustration toward CAS

  • Activities compliment the student’s aptitude and preferences
  • Activities are appropriately adapted to the circumstances
  • Chosen activities have well-defined goals as to personal development
  • Activities are structured, well-planned and thought of far in advance
  • Activities provide personal rewards and fulfillment and enrich all involved
  • Propose and begin an activity within the first two weeks of school each year
  • Activities are then undertaken gradually throughout the two year program
  • Students should participate in activities about 3 to 4 hours weekly
  • Students should have about three to four activities completed by the end of junior year

When well carried out, CAS should build self-esteem, self-confidence, autonomy and self-reliance. No CAS experience should be a shock for the student; this counters the educational aims of CAS.