Posting a Journal Entry in your C.A.S. Blog

When you post a reflective journal entry about an activity, create a concise descriptive title and descriptive labels. See image below for where these are to be placed. Examples are below the image.

It is essential that you strive to maintain descriptive labels and titles for ALL of your postings. If you are consistent you will end up with a concise listing of your activities, categories and the number of times you have provided evidence for a specific learning outcome. (see image below.) It is this evidence that I will base my decision on whether or not you have "passed" the C.A.S. requirements for the I.B. diploma.

Journal entries (postings) without titles or labels are not acceptable and will result in a failing mark for the grading quarter. If you have questions on how to properly use labels, see Mr. Hyer for personal instruction.

I suggest simply using numerals for the learning outcomes. They are:

1. Increased awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth
2. Undertaken new challenges
3. Planned and initiated activities
4. Worked collaboratively with others
5. Shown perseverance and commitment in your activities
6. Engaged with issues of global importance
7. Considered the ethical implications of your actions
8. Developed new skills

For the categories, use CREATIVITY, ACTION and SERVICE

Labels for activities can be one word or two connected with an underscore (Like_this)

Examples of Journal Titles and Label

Descriptive Title
Descriptive Labels
Basketball - Improved Dribbling Skills
Basketball, 1, 8, Action
Chorus - Learning a new song
Chorus, 4, 8, Creativity, Service
Habitat for Humanity - Fundraising
Habitat, 5, 6, Service
Habitat for Humanity - Construction
Habitat, 6, 2, Service, Action
S.T.A.G.E. - Painted Backgrounds
STAGE, 3, Creativity, Service