Sixth Singers

 Concerts and Events for Sixth Singers:

Veterans Day Assembly

6-12 Band and Choir Christmas Concert December 1 7pm at the HS

6th Grade honors Choir  April 3, 2017 at MACC  Concert 7pm

6-12 Vocal Spring Concert   May 9, 2017  at HS at 7pm

Concert Attire:
Dresses or skirts or dress pants with blouse or sweater for the ladies. Should a young lady choose to wear "yoga" pants her bottom must be covered.
Dress Pants or khakis and a button down shirt with tie is preferred for the men. NO jeans, t-shirts or tennis shoes or flip flops. NO hats! 
This will also be the attire for 6th grade Honors choir in the Spring and Spring Concert.

Cell Phones and MP3 players are subject to school policy. Should an emergency arrive parents can contact the school. The school office will be able to reach Mrs. Guilford. Should a student violate this policy, the item will be confiscated and ACP will be issued.