volume gallery


Volume Gallery's publication, Temperature 2012. The image above links to guest-curator Dan Rubinstein's Issuu version of the collection of interviews. This publication (including a contribution from myself) was released in conjunction with the Museum of Art and Design's Home Front exhibition. 

The Home Front: American Design Now (here)

"Returning for its second year, “The Home Front: American Design Now” brings together a variety of respected voices to examine the current state of object design in the United States. Last year’s program surveyed the challenges facing the contemporary furniture scene from a variety of angles—from architecture and retail to education and small business. This year’s programming further explores the ideas, developments, and talents that are moving native design forward.

Presented in three sections: a series of monthly lectures, a designer residency in MAD’s Open Studios, and a free publication containing interviews with over 35 leaders in the field, this year’s “The Home Front” seeks to lay the groundwork for American designers to gather, respond, and construct new possibilities for the success of American native design on a global stage."