Paradise I (above), screen printed yardage. Paradise II, III, and IV are digitally-produced heirloom textiles that nod to responses in the visual arts to developments in plastics, aerospace engineering, and perception studies in 1960s California while fully embracing the power of digital printing for producing patterns technically unachievable before the age of desktop publishing. 

Patterns for digitally-printed silk charmeuse (36 w x 72 inches printed). 

Paradise II was exhibited with Volume Gallery: "Truth in Form/Reason for Being, an exhibition curated by Volume Gallery, represents design today. It features excerpts of contemporary culture from American designers Brian Anderson, Stephen Burks, Cmmnwlth, Andy Coolquitt, Felicia Ferrone, Sung Jang, Jonathan Nesci, Snarkitecture, Rich Brilliant Willing and ROLU." (2011)