2.5D printing

Hex Dress was a demonstration project realized in 2013 at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Incoming Master of Design students at SAIC spent six weeks in a pre-term bootcamp exploring the how and when of rough and refined design visualization and prototyping. Through daily and weekly projects the class advanced digital design skills and gained comprehensive exposure to the fabrication and production capabilities across the school. Students explore approaches to visualization and construction ranging from simple to sophisticated, and exhibit outcomes developed through integrated approaches. The 2013 Designed Objects boot camp culminated in a week-long 3D printing intensive, a low- to medium-fidelity laboratory that explored, in part, the idea of ubiquitous 3D printing. (With partners Printrbot, Taulman3D, and Simplify 3D, and media at Core773D Printing Industry, and Printrbot.)