Welcome to City School! This school is going to be a little diffrent and confusing to you. This site is to help you survive your first year, do your best, and be prepared for anything that might happen. What makes us diffrent from other schools is that we are project based. That means we will do lots of projects, experiments and field trips. You will also have a job for the last hour of the day. Every trimester you will pick a new job. There are lots of choices so you will most likely find one that will suit you.  You will have other classes that are diffrent from other schools too. You will have a project class where you pick a problem or something that your passionate for and reaserch it to make a diffrence or educate people in your class or community.
On this site you will find how to put your job packet together, tips to survive all your classes, tips from old students that went here, and a map of the school.  Hope this will help you. Have fun!!!!
McKenzie Huisman
    A Second Year Student