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BFLC Overview

Brighter Futures Learning Community is an educational option for students in Warren County, VA.  The program serves males and females  grades 6 - 12 and offers a full range of academic and pro-social experiences.  Brighter Futures challenges students to learn and grow.

BFLC uses academic, sports, group activities, counseling and high adventure activities to help students achieve personal, academic, social and ethical goals.

BFLC utilizes fully licensed teachers, administrators and mental health professionals to provide an education framed in the Virginia Standards of Learning while meeting a variety of academic, behavioral, and social needs.

Program Philosophy

Many youth in Virginia are in need of a nontraditional educational placement.  Some students that experience problems across settings have had difficulty having a positive experience in a traditional school.  Whether it is behavioral, social or academic issues that are occurring, Warren County Public Schools believes that a highly structured alternative setting with the right supports can provide students with the tools necessary to be successful and return to a traditional educational setting in the future.  By working across disciplines, BFLC can offer students the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and further meet their personal goals.