Name:  Autumn M. Stevick

School:  Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Classes:  6th Grade Science
              6th Grade Math

Email:  astevick@osd.wednet.edu  (This is BY FAR the best way to contact me!)

As a true educator, I am passionate about both my chosen field of study, science, and my students. I find that I have boundless enthusiasm when it comes to inspiring young people to appreciate more deeply the complex and intricate world around them. After completing an undergraduate degree in Biology (Whitworth University), I spent years working with young people all over the world.  I taught outdoor science in California, volunteered on medical missions to Mongolia and Guatemala, led high school adventure trips backpacking, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting in Alaska and participated in AIDS education in Zimbabwe. While my adventures have been diverse and sometimes disconnected, I have realized that the common denominator of all my experiences is my own passion for learning and for sharing the learning process with others. 

Mission:  I have heard too many students complain that science is “irrelevant,” “boring,” or “confusing,” but this so clearly does not have to be the case. Science is inherently applicable, relevant, practical and fascinating; students simply need to be shown how to link science concepts to their own lives, choices and environments. My goal is to challenge students to look at the world, and their own choices, clearly and logically. Ultimately, my hope is that my efforts will cause my students to think, explore, and grapple with the information presented to them and emerge as educated and thoughtful citizens.

On a personal note:  I love the outdoors!  As a lifelong athlete, I'm always excited to get outdoors whether that be hiking, biking, surfing, climbing mountains, running, swimming, skiing or participating in organized sports.  I coach track and field at Marshall in the Spring, and a local community cross-country team in the Fall.  In what time is left I love to read, work some few hours at REI on the sales floor, play a little guitar and travel.