Science -

Week of May 8
Work on cell analogy booklet (understanding organelles and function). Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary. 

Week of May 1
Work on cells (animal and plants) understand organelles and function. Vocabulary quiz, microscope quiz.

Week of April 24

Continue using the microscopes, new vocabulary, vocabulary quiz. 

Week of April 17
Work on using the microscope, focus, orientation of specimen..

Week of April 10
Characteristics of living things. MRSCGREN. Introduced microscope parts and function.

Time period research.

Week of 3-20

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, work on Earth history timeline and Earth History research paper. 

Week of 3-13

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, Earth history timeline, volcano information. 

Week of 3-6 

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, talk about plates and earthquakes, review rock cycle.

Rock cycle review. Understanding how rocks can change to another type of rock. 

Week of 2-22

Learn about metamorphic and igneous rock. 

Week of 2-13

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, learning about fossils and metamorphic rocks.

Week of 2-6

Two snow days, no new vocabulary or quiz. Learning about how sedimentary rocks are formed. 

Week of 1-30 

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, create a sedimentary rock, vocabulary about erosion, illustrations on how sedimentary rocks form.


Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, start talking about rock sorting and sand.

Mineral websites:

Week of 1-17

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, discuss the uses of minerals and do a research project on a mineral. 

Week of 1-9

MIneral websites:

New vocabulary, vocabulary quiz, mineral identification lab, guest speaker on Geology. 

Week of 1-3

New vocabulary, start learning about minerals and their characteristics. 

Week of 12-12

New vocabulary, quiz, looking at different landforms around the world via Google Earth.


New vocabulary, notebook evaluation, set up new notebook, guest speaker on Bottled Water. 


Hot wheel lab.


Watch a video about Food waste, vocabulary review using Quizlet. No quiz, no new vocabulary.

Week of 11/14

New vocabulary, read article about the supermoon, practice graphing and Claims, Evidence and Reasoning. 

Week of 11/7 

Practice using manipulated, controlled and responding variables, practice graphing, no new vocabulary this week so there will not be a quiz on Monday the 14th. 

Week of 10/31

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, practice using manipulated, controlled and responding variables.

Week of 10/24

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, continue with observation and inference practice. 

Week of 10/17 

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, observation and inference practice, conducting a measurement lab.

Week of 10/10

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, what is needed to do a sound science experiment.

Week of 10/2

Vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary, start exploring what variables are and how to control them in a science experiment. 

Week of 9/26-30

Weekly vocabulary, continue with metric measurement. Volume, displacement, using meterstick to measure distance, triple beam balance and more!!

Week of September 19-23

Analysis of data collected on cup challenge, types of observations and equipment used in science.

Week 2 

Week of September 12 - 16

Gather data on types of scientist and graph the data, go over safety rules and review contract that needs to be signed and brought back to class. 

Week one vocabulary words. There will be a quiz on Monday 9/19

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