Welcome to the Leipsic Local School District.

Recently, we asked our students and teachers to respond to the following prompt, “I love Leipsic Schools, because…” We were very pleased with the amount and type of responses that we received. Here are just a few of the most common responses:

-> Great place to live and work
-> Respect for diversity
-> Nice, new building that is maintained beautifully
-> Wonderful classroom technology
-> Our students
-> Resources for teaching are plentiful
-> Supportive parents
-> School environment is positive and fun for teaching and learning
-> Administration really cares about the students and employees
-> Feel safe
-> Amazing teachers who care about the kids
-> Everyone knows each other and is friendly
-> Getting prepared for my future
-> Small community…we are family

This exercise allowed us to remember why schools exist. Regardless of what a local report card may indicate, at Leipsic we are successful at working hard to provide the most conducive learning environment for our students…so that they can become
contributing members of our society. And really, isn’t this what we all want for our kids…to learn how to take care of themselves and each other? I am very proud to be part of the Leipsic School community, and I feel very confident in the education that my own children are receiving. We will always approach our responsibilities as educators with a continuous improvement mindset…no matter what a state test may or may not tell us.

Please, contact us with any celebrations or concerns that you have regarding the Leipsic Local School District. We want the best for our kids!

Proud to be a Viking!

Greg Williamson, Superintendent