Fund Raising Letter

Fundraiser Letter from Boosters

Dear Parents and Leipsic Athletic Boosters,

It is the goal of the school system to work in cooperation with the parents and other members of school and community to support organizations as they work to provide the best possible opportunities for our students. It is also important that any funds used for these activities be used in a manner that benefits the group as a whole and are used within the guidelines of district policy. In order to insure this takes place and to reduce hurt feelings it is recommended that:

1. Parent groups and coaches meet and develop a list of proposed uses for funds raised and a budget sheet with estimated costs.

2. The final list is presented to the MS/HS Principal/Superintendent for approval.

Proper uses include:

1. Team camps – this may include cost of camp, cost of dorms or meals for players and a coach, cost of shirts or uniforms for players.

2. Team meals – pre-game meals for all teams in the program. May be reimbursement of parents for costs with receipts or actual purchase of meals.

3. Travel gear of shooting shirts – Clothing

4. Spirit Packs – Practice wear

5. Team building activities

6. Team Awards – Most valuable, enthusiastic, etc. …

All organizations shall deposit their funds with either the Booster Club in a holding account designated for the organization or into the athletic department account designated for the activity. No organization shall have their own bank account other than the designated Booster Organizations approved by the Board of Education.

Thank You for your cooperation,

Leipsic Board of Education