Famous People

Famous People
Here you will learn about famous Rocket Scientists, Astronauts, Astrophysicists, Astronomers, and Aeronautical Engineers.

Famous Rocket Scientists

  • Dr. Robert H. Goddard is a famous Rocket Scientist because he made the first rocket fuel.

  • Phil Sumrall is famous for leading rocket design and space mission planning.

  • Konrad Dannenberg is famous for being a deputy manager of the Saturn Program ( which made the rockets to send man to the moon)

Famous Astronauts

  • Neil Armstrong is a famous astronaut because he was one of the first people on the moon.

  • Buzz Aldrin is a famous astronaut because he was the other person on the moon with Neil Armstrong.

  • James Lovell is famous because he was the one of the nine Astronauts pick for the Apollo missions.

Famous Astrophysicists

  • Galiileo Galilei is famous for performing fundamental observations, experiments, and analyses.

  • James A. Van Allen is famous for finding the Earth magnetosphere.

  • George Gamow is famous for being the first to suggest hydrogen fusion as the source of solar energy.

Famous Astronomers

  • Nicholas Copernicus is a famous astrophysicist because he developed a heliocentric model of the solar system.

  • Tycho Brache is famous for observing a supernova.

  • Maximilian Wolf is a famous Astronomer because he discovered hundreds of asteroids.

Famous Aeronautical Engineer

  • James Van Alan is famous for being a key contributor of twenty-five space missions.

  • Edward Stone was famous for being a Jet Propulsion Laboratory director and voyager project scientist.

  • Robert Gilruth was famous for being a pioneer of America Space Program during Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo.