What Can You Do?

1.) The simplest but most efficient thing that you can do to help is make people aware.  Many tourists that come to Thailand are not aware that the elephants they ride on are abused and tortured till they know the person is the boss.  If people are aware many will stop riding the elephants and watching elephant shows.

2.)  Support places where they are friendly to their elephants and allow them to be themselves.  Go to places where elephants can socialize, get enough food, have shade, etc.  Places such as, Elephant Nature Park, in Chaing Mai really care about their elephants and by supporting them, you allow them to help more elephants in need and allow them to care for the elephants even more.

3)  Be aware of Thailand's New Law!!  Animals finally have rights!!!  By knowing this law you can report abuse and other illegal activities that were once the norm.  So it will take caring citizens like you to make this law work and inform the authorities when you see animal cruelty.  Find out more about the animal rights law.  

4)  If you see street begging elephant(s) call 1136 (forestry police) and/or 1193 (Dept of National Parks).

How you can help