Elephant Awareness Week

November 24th to 28th, 2014, middle and high school students in ISB (International School Bangkok) celebrated Elephant Awareness week.  We did activities to raise awareness about elephants in captivity, had elementary kids design hundreds of posters, older kids simulating elephants painting, and a lot of fun fundraising activities.  We were trying to raise money to help Elephants World save Kam Kaew who is a disabled elephant in a show.  Kam Kaew was at the Elephant World for a short time and was a big star with the older elephants because herds love young elephants.  However, the owner decided to put Kam Kaew in a show to make money.  If Elephants World raised the agreed amount of money the owner would sell Kam Kaew to Elephants World.  Most of the money had been raised and they asked us to help with the rest.  The timing was perfect since we had elephant awareness week the following week.  We had fun and raised over 50,000 THB which was more than we even needed.  It was great to see so many supporting the cause and helping out.  Unfortunately, to our and Elephants World's disappointment, the owner backed out of the agreement and the deal was off. It was quite sad to know we did our part but like that someone could change their mind and the elephant sadly was never rescued.  We gave back the large donations.  The other funds are in the Green Panther account waiting for a worthy elephant project to come along.  

It wasn't all a loss though.  We did raise a lot of awareness on the issues of elephants in tourism and we got a lot of support from the community.  As well, the program was full of creative and fun activities (Thank you HS students) so you can learn about our ideas for this below.

To raise awareness and funds we did the following:
  1. Buy a t-shirt for 300 baht

        3. Buy delicious baked goods from the students.
        4.Give our elephant a hug.

Wow student gives 1000 baht ($30) for a hug.mp4

        5.Leave a donation

        6."Elephant Painting simulation", you poke your friend as they try and draw a picture with a paintbrush in their mouth

Google Docs Video

Save Kam Kaew from this life.mp4

                                This is Kam Kaew's life in captivity.

   2. Sponsor a friend or a teacher to eat so called 'undesirable' foods such as durian, mackerel, insects, marmite, pickles, and more.    

Principal eats a bug

  More 'elephant' paintings