Rescuing Elephants

While we would first like to have all the elephants back in the wild, it is not a reality.  The next best thing is for all elephant businesses to treat their elephants the best they can, however, this is not happening so sometimes we try to help rescue and elephant and raise money to get the elephant into a sanctuary instead of a show, trekking centre, or street begging, etc.
It sounds awesome to rescue an elephant and it certainly feels good when it happens, but the  flip side is it could spark a new business opportunity whereby the owner sells his elephant to the sanctuary and then goes into the wild and captures another, which typically ends up killing several wild elephants.  So we have to tread lightly when think about rescuing an elephant.  
As well, it is quite expensive and can range from 1-3 million baht ($30,000 - 100,000 USD) depending on the condition of the elephant.

Have a look at the rescue of Sook Sai and the near rescue or Kam Kaew in the sub section.