Our Experiences

Over the years we have had numerous elephant experiences.  When I first came to ISB school we took the 8th grade to Chiang Mai for 4 days of adventure.  On that trip we went to an elephant show where I had to sit there watching elephants kicking soccer balls, stand on their hind legs, and do all kinds of unnatural tricks for human entertainment.  It was horrible and I never wanted to repeat that again.  Since then our school has made tremendous improvements and we now avoid these sort of places and instead support more animal friendly places.  There are a lot of great people working on behalf of these creatures in Thailand.  We are grateful to consider them friends.
What changes have we made?
  • Now the 8th grade and HS students go to the Elephant Nature Park each year and everyone comes back a changed person from that experience.  
  • As well, we have worked with Bring the Elephant Home (BTEH) foundation in Kanchanaburi to help wild elephants in Human/Elephant conflict zones. 
  • We have also donated money to BTEH foundation towards building a future elephant education centre. 
  • In Kanchanaburi we have also supported Elephants World and Erawan Elephant Paradise (EEP).  Unfortunately, EEP has since closed down.  
  • Near Cha Am we have supported Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) as they rescue some elephants and 100's of other animals.
  • We are yet to visit the elephant intelligence research center in Chiang Rai, but we did have them present at our school during Earth Week.
  • 7th grader Lulu made a fuss about our new student getaway since we visited a 'not so friendly' place and kids rode elephants.  Lulu has educated people and now we stopped that part of the getaway.
  • We raised money to save Kam Kaew, but in the end it didn't work out.  
  • We did save an elephant, Saai Sok, that is now at the Elephant Nature Park.
  • ISB students present about this topic to elementary students and also at events such as Bangkok ServICE Conference that bring together 10 International schools from Thailand to discuss global issues.
We hope to find more positive places to support and to get tourists to support.  Perhaps you can help with that.

As Elephant Ambassadors we have gone to places that are friendly to their elephants and don't abuse them.  Check out this video whereby we (ISB) took 2 others schools (NIST & Regents) to join us to learn about it as well.  We also did work to help wild elephants.