Do's and Don'ts

Here is a list of basic things you can do to help the cause as well as what you should avoid.  

Always keep The Qualities of Animal Welfare in mind.

  1. Good feeding - absence of thirst or hunger

  2. Good housing - a properly heated, comfortable and easy moving space

  3. Good health - absence of sickness or disease

  4. Appropriate behavior - freedom to do and think what it wants

  5. Protection from fear and distress - a safe, enjoyable place

For the Tourist:
  • Visit "good" elephant places.
  • Tell your friends and family about the issue and the good places
  • Look for things listed on the 'Issues' page or use our rankings system to rank an elephant park you visit.  Share with us the ranking.
  • Use Trip Advisor.  It will typically have a lot of comments from customers about various places and when you read the comments, knowing what you know now, you can make an informed decision.
  • Do tell elephant tourism places, tourist agencies, and companies why you cancelled or are choosing not to spend money there.  They will listen if money is involved.  Companies will adapt and hopefully improve.  If you are getting a basic tour that a typical travel agency is selling it is not likely you are getting a place on the good list... Let them know.  
  • Do your research.  

  • Visit "bad" elephant places
  • Ignore the issue.
  • Be another ignorant tourist being a part of the problem
For the Elephant Company:

  • Keep elephants in their natural habitat (elephants need a lot of open space where they can socialize with other elephants)
  • Only teach them "natural tricks" no painting, standing on their heads or soccer.
  • Let tourists observe elephants being themselves 
  • Reduce time elephants are chained to only when necessary.
  • Hire mahouts that actually care about their elephants.
  • Reduce their working hours and time in the hot sun.  
  • Provide enrichment programs, such as ways to find their food, different treks, time to be alone when they want.
  • Ensure the Qualities of Animal Welfare are being met.  
  • Use our ranking system on yourself and look for ways to make improvements.  We would be happy to help.
  • Do not capture elephants from the wild or buy from those that do this work for you.
  • Avoid chaining elephants and using hooks.  
  • Don't hire mahouts that enjoy mistreating the elephants.  
  • Don't train elephants to do unnatural things such as standing up, balancing on tight ropes, painting, etc.
  • Don't 'park' elephants (leave them standing in one place for a long time).  Let them roam around, socialize, and have their own time.
  • Don't offer elephant riding or at least use the neck.