Choosing Your Elephant Experience

So now, you know the issues, you have made a socially responsible decision to not be a part of the problem and to help by choosing a better tour.  There are not a lot out there that we can highly recommend, but perhaps you can help us grow that list.  Some of the main things to look for in any animal in captivity situation are below.  If these conditions are met then this place should be heading in the right direction.

The Qualities of Animal Welfare

Animal welfare consists of many things. In order for proper animal welfare to be in place it needs to have:

  1. Good feeding - absence of thirst or hunger

  2. Good housing - a properly heated, comfortable and easy moving space

  3. Good health - absence of sickness or disease

  4. Appropriate behavior - freedom to do and think what it wants

  5. Protection from fear and distress - a safe, enjoyable place

Any owner, supplier, or person in charge of an animal is responsible for the proper rights and welfares listed above.