Week 9 - Nearly There

        So it's finally hit me, the beach is the greatest place ever, even when its raining! I must say last Tuesday night I enjoyed a casual dip at Freshwater Beach being the only person there, apart from a lone surfer. The assignments are nearly all in at things are moving on fast, especially with exams just around the corner. Oh and Shark Bar is open - REJOICE! I'm keeping this one nice and short as I'm trying to fit in study, assignments and Word on the Street so I apologise if it isn't as long as you would've enjoyed. Thanks for reading guys and best of luck with your assignments.

     Jimmy Gottschalk - Editor In Chief

By far the best event of the term is here! A fun night to raise money for Bear Cottage.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be the "Honourable" new President of the Student Representative Council - Jonathan Bell and the departing Jimmy Gottschalk
Students who are graduating and saying farewell to ICMS this term are cordially invited to attend a night of celebration to commemorate your success and achievements to date. 
Farewelll dinner - Tuesday December 20th from 5.30pm.
RSVP to farewelldinner@icms.edu.au with your attendance and dietary requirements by Thursday 8th December.


As many of you already know the new student enrolment system is soon being released. It is now up to you to take control of your own enrolment and plan your courses for next term online. The launch date of the system has changed and Avantis will now be released on Monday 28th November. Therefore the Avantis demo sessions has also been changed to following times:


Monday 28 November

Tuesday 29 November

Wednesday 30 November

9.45am-10.15am in CYC

11.45am-12.15pm in CYC

13.45pm-14.15pm in CYC


11.45am-12.15pm in CYC

13.45am-14.15pm in CYC


2pm-3pm in classroom 12


What you will need to do is to log-on to the new system and complete “My Planner” before 2 December. Once you are in “My Planner” you need to click on “Plan By My Requirements” in order to get a list of what subjects you need to complete for your degree. More info will be emailed to you in order to assist you with choosing your subjects for next term!


Please drop by any of the demo sessions to get assistance with the new system.


Name: Jessica Cassey Appleton

Nickname: Apples, Jess

Hometown: Moonta, South Australia

Best Features: gorgeous blue eyes, magnificent ankles, lovely smile, flexible thumbs

Ideal Date: a stereotypical romantic, candle lit, dinner for two, on the beach of a tropical island, sipping on cocktail filled coconuts

Pet Peev: jealous girls, immature people

Perfect Guy: surfy, amazing upper body, must have abs, tall, sporty, brown or blonde hair

2012 SRC TEAM:
President - Jonathan Bell

My name is Jonathan Bell I am a term 6 International Tourism student. I am excited to be apart of the new SRC team and am looking forward to woking with them to represent the student body. 

Vice President - Timothy L'Estrange

My Name is Timothy L'Estrange. I am a term 6 Property Management student. I am very excited about about the upcoming terms and representing the students as the Vice President of the SRC.

Treasurer - Penelope Soul

My name is Penelope Soul and I am a term 6 retail management student.
I am looking forward to being a part of this fabulous SRC team  and
creating an exciting and fast paced year ahead for the ICMS students.

Secretary - Fleur Brennet

My name is Fleur Brennet and I am from Belgium but have lived in Singapore for 8 years. Came to beautiful Manly about a year ago to study Event Management and on Industry Training at the moment. I will be starting my 5th term in February.
I Enjoy spending my time outside, and love trying out new things! It really is about putting myself to the test and see what I can do. Love travelling, meeting new people and the obvious: organising events. 
Joining the SRC for me really is about giving back to you and what you deserve. I really hope that our new SRC team can kick it off straight away when the new term starts and really make sure that your college life is as enjoyable as can be. I am an open book so feel free to ask any questions! If you need to talk about anything, I am here to support and help you, or even pass by just for a quick hello!

Alright, so the one thing that really grinds my gears more than lot things lately is the younger generation. Yes I know I’m part of Generation Y but I am sick and tired of these 18 year olds and younger running around the beaches, clubs, restaurants and the shops. They are some of the most disrespectful people that grace this earth! I was working at a bar on Saturday night, and some ‘kid’ walks up to me and says “I spilt my drink, I need a new one”, I replied “where?” and he points at the floor which was bone dry. I then said “you’re kidding right?” before he said to me “does that work?” and I walked off contemplating getting security to kick him out for being a drop kick.

Do these young kids honestly think that they can get away with anything and everything these days? And when I was at the mall the other day, some little shmos simply left some clothes lying on the floor after they dropped them! Or lets assess them pushing in line when waiting to get food. I mean I'm a pretty big guy (not really) but I could easily through my weight around and put them in their place, but hey! How would that make me look in public?

The funny thing is, the older generations always seem to complain about the younger ones, and being only 20 years old and part of generation Y I'm already (and some others) are complaining about the people younger than us. Is this going to be a continuing trend? In 40 years when I'm sitting at the cricket in the members section, will I be part of the crowd that gets booed for not participating in the Mexican wave? Because right now I really enjoy it and I can’t imagine me being booed.

Thank you for reading this and please take this into consideration. 



Sydney Harbour is such a beautiful place and it is easy to understand why the harbour is filled with different cruise companies. However, the cruises are pretty expensive and you can see just as much by purchasing a $20 daily ferry card and cruising the islands and harbours of Sydney. In fact, you should go to Cockatoo Island where the Outpost festival is currently on. There are exhibitions, free entertainment, music, Red Bull shows, free Wii-games and much more. Check out the link for more info: http://outpost.cockatooisland.gov.au/whats-on-live-events-and-entertainment.html. While you already have the ferry pass why not check out Luna Park? It’s free to enter and fun to walk around and have a look. Go there on a Friday night if you would like a ride pass. Plus, they have Friday specials. Alternatively if you feel like trying something completely different, take the plunge and sign up for a free speed networking session. We all know how important networking is and this way you don’t risk getting stuck with the same person all night. Who knows, you might even meet your new future employer! Check it out at http://www.whatsonsydney.com/eventDetails.aspx/16213/free-speed-networking-sydney - all for some new, fresh and “enjoy”!

 We hope you have checked the exam timetable out by now! If not, we have attached it for you below!
Remember, business attire must be worn to ALL exams and ensure you also bring your student ID card to your exams. If you have lost it, please see Student Services before your exams to get a replacement card.