Reproductive System Resources

  • To produce sex cells called egg and sperm.
  • When these two cells unite, sexual reproduction has occurred and a new organism is formed.

Female Parts:
Ovaries - where egg cells are made
Fallopian tubes - tube where eggs travel from ovaries to uterus
Uterus - hollow organ that is lined with blood to prepare for a fertilized egg.  When the baby develops.
Vagina - Place where blood leaves body during menstruation.

Male Parts:
Testes - place where sperm is produced starting during puberty.
Sperm duct - sperm travels from testes, through here and it the urethra of the penis.
Urethra - tube in the penis.
Penis - male sex organ

  • At puberty, females release 
an egg from her ovaries 
monthly, called ovulation.

  • The egg leaves one ovary and travels through the fallopian tube toward the uterus.
  • If the egg is fertilized it will stick the lining of the uterus and begin to develop.  If the egg is not fertilized it will leave the body with the lining of blood from the uterus through the vagina during menstruation.
  • Sperm travels from the testes, through the sperm duct to the urethra and out the body.

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