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6th Grade Assignments

Due Oct.8

Floor Plan for your business


Practice your visual mapping and desktop publishing skills.


Design a floor plan for your business using the drawing and formatting tools in Word, Pages, or another program of your choosing. It must contain all the specifications and be readable and neat.

Upload your finished Floor Plan to your business folder in the Young Entrepreneurs Group on OLE.



Create a new document and name it “Floor Plan.”


- The floor plan must be a full page in size.


- Label each unique item you create.


- The floor plan must be realistic in size and scale.


- Show the use of a variety of drawing tools (shapes, lines, fill, patterns, lettering, and curves).


- Make sure there is enough space for customers to move around in.


- Be sure to consider things like: doors, windows, cash registers, bathrooms, changing rooms, chairs, couches, etc.


- You may have more than one floor. Each floor can be a separate page.


• See example floor plan (in Young Entrepreneurs Group's Resources), but you can do better! Be creative. Put a chocolate fountain in the middle of your store. Just be sure there’s room for everything else.

Due Sept. 30 - Famous Entrepreneurs Wiki Pt.2

Now that you have created a wiki page for a famous entrepreneur, it's time to add something to someone ele's wiki page. That's what wikis are for!

- Chose someone ele's wiki page and add a sentence or two with some new or different information that wasn't already there.
- Be sure to list your source and add your name to the page
- If someone else has already added something to the page, chose another one.
- Message me on OLE when you have finished.

Due Sept. 30 - Business Idea Organizer

Decide on a business to create for upcoming class projects that will involve writing, computer drawing, spreadsheets, and more. The business you choose will be the one that you will have to continue to use throughout the assignments, so choose carefully and wisely.

1) Create a New document in Word or Pages
2) Type your name and section at the top.
3) Skip two or three lines and type the title “Business Idea Organizer”
4) Copy the questions below and paste them into your document.
5) Type your answers under each question.
6) Upload your document to your locker and also attatch it to this assignment. (Just attach your document. Don't write anything in the answer section)

Questions: (Give practical answers in complete sentences and bulleted lists)
1. What type of business will you be starting (service, manufacturing, wholesale, retail)?
2. In what city and state will your business be located?
3. What type of area will you put your business in? A large mall, a corporate park, a small shopping complex, on a street?
4. What will be the name of your business?
5. Why did you choose this business? What do you know about it or want to know? Be specific.
6. How big will your business be? Will it be small, medium, or very large? Compare it to a real business that is the same size that you want your business to be. Keep in mind what your business will do and make the size appropriate and practical. For instance, you probably wouldn’t need a huge warehouse-type store if you were to run a bakery.
7. How will you try to make it a success? Think of how to get people to go there and what you will do to make them want to come back again. List some of your ideas.
8. Use the Web to search (Google, etc.) for one or two other businesses that are similar to the business you have chosen. List the two businesses and write one sentence about each business and a reason why yours would be better.

When you are finished, don't forget to attach your document to the Assignment in OLE.