About Us

The Franklin Area School District is located in Venango County and is comprised of the townships of Canal, Clinton, Frenchcreek, Irwin, Mineral, Sandycreek and Victory; the boroughs of Clintonville, Harrisville, Barkeyville, Polk and Utica; and the city of Franklin.  The city of Franklin serves as the county seat. Encompassing an area of 195.1 square miles, the district is rich with historical and cultural diversity. 

The school district is served by a network of highways with US Route 322, PA route 8 and PA route 62 providing access to Interstate 80, interstate 79 and numerous shopping centers and other commercial establishments.  Venango County Airport is located one mile from the Franklin Middle/High School complex.  Recreational facilities include an extensive hiking/biking trail, golf courses, and access to County Park.  French creek and the Allegheny River run through the district along with several other streams provided swimming, fishing, canoeing, and hunting opportunities. 

Franklin Area School District’s elementary students attend three K-6 schools.  One is located in Harrisville and two in Franklin.   A Middle School (7-8) and High School (9-12) building is located approximately three miles from downtown Franklin. There are approximately 1,970 students in the district. 

The majority of our buildings were constructed between 1954 and 1963 with the exception of Central Elementary which was constructed in 1936.  At one time, it served as the high school.  Central Elementary underwent a major renovation in 2010.  Our high school’s multipurpose facility was also renovated in 2010.  Two of our elementary schools, Polk and Seventh Street Elementary were closed in 2012, while a third, Utica Elementary, was closed in 2015.  The technology infrastructure in all of the buildings support administrative and educational computing, telephone systems and video surveillance systems.