The Franklin Area High School Hall of Fame was established in an effort to recognize and celebrate the positive accomplishments and contributions of Franklin High School alumni and faculty. Honorees are recognized in the categories of athletics, outstanding achievement in their field, service, or lifetime recognition. The selection committee is comprised of both Franklin High School staff and members from the Franklin community at large. Bronze plaques have been prepared for each honoree and will be displayed at Franklin High School.

Categories of Recognition
  • Achievement - Alumni of Franklin Area High School whose distinguished actions have led to outstanding recognition in their chosen fields on a local, national, or international level are eligible.
  • Athletics - Alumni of Franklin Area High School who have outstanding records of achievement in their chosen sport which would make them deserving of special recognition are eligible. One team per year may be selected.
  • Service - Alumni, faculty, staff, or friends of Franklin Area High School whose actions and/or achievements may not be categorized in the above, but are deserving of such recognition and honor.
  • Life Time Recognition - Alumni of Franklin Area High School, who shall be out of school for at least forty years and whose lives have reflected character and distinction are eligible. 
Criteria for Selection
To be eligible for selection, an alumnus must have graduated from Franklin Area High School at least ten years prior to nomination. Non-alumnus members of the teaching faculty or coaching staff may be considered eligible, five years after retirement. Posthumous selections may be made annually. Contributors may be eligible at any time. 

General criteria to be considered:
  • A person(s) whose actions demonstrate outstanding character
  • A person whose outstanding citizenship has achieved international, national or local recognition
  • A person(s) whose leadership can inspire students in the pursuit of excellence
  • A person(s) whose accomplishments are outstanding or whose leadership is considered exceptional 
Once placed on the nomination list, the nominee will remain in consideration for five years. After five years time, if not elected to membership, the nomination shall be removed from the list. The person(s) can be nominated again.

Hall of Fame Yearly Timeline
  • Nominations are typically due in the high school office by February 1st of the current school year.
  • Nominations are sent to the selection committee by 3rd Monday of February of the induction year.
  • Selection committee announces inductees no later than March 31st of the induction year.
  • A maximum of five nominees may be inducted each year.

Hall of Fame Committee Members
Guidelines of committee representation come from a cross section of Franklin Area High School and the Franklin community, and at minimum will consist of   seven voting and two non-voting members from the following groups:
  • School Board Member (non-voting)
  • High School Principal (non-voting)
  • High School Educator (1)
  • Retired Educator (1)
  • High School Coach (1)
  • Retired Coach (1)
  • Alumnus (1)
  • Community at Large (2)
Seats will be filled on an as needed basis by the non-voting members of the committee.

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Currently held at The Quality Inn at Franklin, on the Thursday of Franklin's annual Applefest Event