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Collaborative Search

(Not to be confused with a Collaborative Search Engine)

Free-Licensed media (both concerning works which are copyrighted and under either the GNU Free Documentation Licence or one of the Creative Commons Licences) allow the author to share the materials.  

Use of Search Engines should be used carefully, as search engines don’t have the mechanisms to check for legitimately freely licensed work; also read the terms of the license before assuming that you have the rights stated in the search.  Remember that the definition of free depends on the licence, user agreement, or terms of service bound to the media.  Beware, some media can be denoted as Public Domain, Creative Commons, or Free Documentation Licence and actually be under an "All Rights Reserved" Copyright.  Fully understand your rights before you use any content!

[media] Creative Commons Search:
There’s also a new search tool being tested by the Creative Commons:

[media] Internet Archive:
The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that was founded to provide an internet library to the general public.  The collection includes texts, audio, moving images as well as archived pages.  [Advanced Search]

[media] Searching  with Google:
Advanced Google Search has an advanced search filter at the bottom that allows you to search by usage rights.  The options include “free to use or share”, “free to use or share, even commercially”, “free to use share or modify” and “free to use share or modify, even commercially”.

A great way to search specifically for CC and FDL information on Google is to search by filetype typed into the search or selected in the Advanced Google Search above usage rights.

(The last link searches for CC0 material)

Some common examples of filetypes include: .ps, .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt, .ppt, .pptx, .odp (Note: Filetypes can be used for other extensions not mentioned by Google.)

[media] Wikimedia Commons Search:
Search is on the top corner of every Wikimedia page.  Details about how to do a refined search can be found on the Help:Searching page and proposals for search enhancements are in discussion.

[music] Creative Commons:
CCHits promotes Creative Commons licensed music by charting Creative Commons music by popularity.  They also have a weekly & monthly show available on the same site.
Jamendo is a music website devoted to sharing Creative Commons music of independant artists via both commercially and non-commercially venues.
CCMixter is Creative Commons music with the intention of creating remixes and samples of musical works.

[image] Searching with Yahoo:
After completing a Yahoo Image Search, a drop down menu “Licence” will allow you to choose “Public Domain”, “Free to share and use”, “Free to share and use commercially”, “Free to modify, share and use” and “Free to modify, share and use commercially”.

[image] Flickr Advanced Search:
This is the Creative Commons Flicker Site that has some of the newest submissions separated by CC licence.  When doing an Advanced Flickr Search, click the “Any Licence” drop down menu and choose “All Creative Commons.

Other Resources: