When moving from Nevada and back to Washington State, I dedicated three months into programming Android applications.  In that time, three original applications were developed.  For not programming in over a decade and a half, I felt as if I accomplished something.  This wasn’t easy at first nor did I expect it to be.

This first step in developing Android applications and being a former contract production specialist from Gresham’s Microchip Technology plant, drove me to challenge my abilities further.  I’ve enrolled at Clark College for the Summer Term and transferring that coursework over to Washington State University.   To complete my lifelong goal: a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

Low Thermal Design Power (TDP) System on Chip (SoC) multi core processors designed by Qualcomm, Samsung, AMD and Intel transforms the technological landscape from what was once the impossible to the possible: Energy efficient powerful processing in tiny form factors with long battery life with little to no consideration of cooling.

Low TDP SoC processors are crucial for the development of next generation portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras and Smart TVs; Higher processing power with extremely long battery life.  TDP SoC processors enable the creation of newer cutting edge technologies like Wearables (Smart Watches and Smart Wristbands), Smart Appliances, Low Power Server Clusters and Single-Board Computers. (Arduino, NUCs, Compute Stick and Chromebit)

With the lower costs and the higher consumer use of these processors, Low TDP SoC Processors have proved to be the new hardware platform in high demand.  This new hardware paradigm is creating a high diversification of consumer Operating Systems (OS) ecosystems (software platforms) such as Windows, Mac OS X, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, BSD and SteamOS.  There’s a dire need for applications that can bridge the gap between multiple hardware platforms and OS ecosystems.

While in college, I’ll be pursuing my goal to create applications that conquer this great divide between hardware and software without sacrificing the interface, speed and usability between these devices which is inherent in cross-platform compilers.  This will require research, development, and analysis of various toolchains which are available to make this work possible.

This website is a conduit of my progress: to hold me accountable, to keep elaborate notes and as a portfolio website of my accomplishments.  Roncotton.info is a work-in-progress, and I hope to keep in touch with others as my progress continues.  Thank you.