While for some, recovery in Bitcoin looks grim in early 2019, but there's many positives in the news about Crypto - Bitcoin ETF may be approved and newer altcoins like Monero  are beginning to look attractive, from a buyers and miners perspective.

Why this site has value:
While .io has recently become a  popular domain name, .com is the primary and best TLD (top-level domain) you can possibly buy for internet visibility  (when compared to a .net, .info, or most other domains as it does not create the same level of trust.)

CryptocurrencyLobby.com is not specific to a location or to a single type of cryptocurrency. This allows the creation new subdomains for each crypto  like:

  • BTC.CryptocurrencyLobby.com
  • ETH.CryptocurrencyLobby.com
  • XMR.CryptocurrencyLobby.com
  • ... etc ...

Possible Use Cases:
  • Forum, news, chatting platform, social media platform devoted to Cryptocurrencies.
  • Mining pool devoted to mining multiple cryptocurrencies
  • New software projects devoted to cryptocurrencies
  • Forwarding traffic to an existing crypto site